Best Hair Dryers 2019

These are the 15 best hair dryers

Whether you are a fashion diva, professional stylist, or someone who simply likes to look good, a great hairdryer is imperative to getting your hair dried, styled, and healthy to complete your or your customer’s appearance. Below you will find a list of 15 of the best hair dryers 2019. They are the top rated among multiple websites like and in order of lowest to highest in price and cognizant of the three aspects we will lay out below.

Most of the models on this list will have some sort of ion technology for your benefit thereby maximizing your fast exceptional drying and styling experience and preventing overexposure to positive ions— a common challenge with most traditional hair dryers.

How to Choose a Hair Dryer

Hair dryers are a dime a dozen and there’s a TON of different options and sticking points to consider. To help you make a better and quicker decision, I’ve broken down the criteria for getting a good dryer model into what I consider the 3 most important aspects. You’ll want to keep these in mind for your particular situation so you can get the best model that fits your specific needs and while getting the most out of it.

1. Hair Type You’ll need to consider what hair type you typically have and look for technology that specifically supports it including multiple heat settings. Here’s a good rule of thumb to keep in mind.

Ask yourself:

Do you have frizzy, thick hair? Go for an ionic or tourmaline dryer with high heat settings.

Do you have fine or dry hair? Go for a ceramic or porcelain dryer with low heat settings.

Do you have a lot of hair or average hair? Go for a titanium dryer with medium heat settings.

In general, I highly recommend dryers that are ionic or have negative ion technology (luckily most on these list do) because they will help break apart water particles to faster dry your hair, make it more shiny yet less frizzy (less dullness & friction), AND protect you from getting overexposed to positive ions which are in surplus at the high dry heat levels that dryers usually supply.

Over exposure to positive ions are associated with higher levels of stress, moodiness, unclear focus, risk of illness, and more. You can also get over exposure from being stuck in an office full of electrical equipment all day, being on your phone too much, and being in an unkempt car for too long.

2. Weight – You’ll want to go for a dryer that is lightweight because you will be using it for extended periods of time and you don’t want your arm to get tired too quickly by holding a heavy piece of equipment.

About 1 pound in weight is usually an ideal weight to hold so you can dry your hair for as long as you want and not get sore arms in the process. This is a small detail that usually gets overlooked but it is just as important as any other feature! You have been warned

3. Wattage – Try to aim for a dryer that has as least 1500-watts of power as the bare minimum to adequately and quickly dry your hair while lasting a reasonable amount of time. If you know you have a lot of hair you’ll want something that has 1800-2000 watts of power to allow stronger and faster drying.

Typically, when it comes to dryers here’s how wattage equates in drying and life span:

Higher wattage = faster dry times and longer lasting dryers.

Lower wattage = slower dry times and short lasting dryers.

Lower wattage dryers are typically cheaper made thereby taking longer to dry your hair and, inversely, taking a shorter time to be replaced.

Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

  • tourmaline ceramic technology
  • dries hair fast
  • Diffuser (texture) and Concentrator (smooth)
  • 3 heat/ 2 speed settings


This hair dryer features tourmaline ceramic technology to produce negative ions to prevent frizzing while drying hair faster.

The Conair is a very affordable yet strong and versatile dryer that’ll you absolutely love when you decide to get it. You will appreciate it’s tourmaline ceramic technology that dries quickly and strongly without damaging your hair from excessive heat while also enjoying its ionic cool conditioning technology that will produce tons of negative ions that support shinier, healthier hair.

It also comes with a Cool Shot button to help set your hairstyle in place so you won’t have to constantly fuss or maintain your hair back into the shape and style that took you time to get right. Set it right once, use the cool shot button, and forget it! It’s that simple.

The non-slip grip makes styling your hair enjoyable and easy as you won’t have to worry about dropping it or holding it up for long periods of time while getting your hair just right as it only weighs 1.5 pounds.

You will also appreciate the included diffuser attachment when you want to perfect your textured hair style and the concentrator attachment to help give you the silky smooth feel to your hair.

The 3 heat and 2 speed settings will allow flexibility for your or your loved ones’ different hair types as well as you can match the right temperature and speed for any hair as anytime.

Take a closer look at the Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer here

HOT TOOLS Professional 1875W Ionic Anti-Static Dryer

  • Salon Anti-Static Dryer
  • Sleek chic design
  • Direct Ion technology
  • Ultra-shine or a more textured natural look

This hair dryer is anti-static and features a sleek chic design.

This HOT TOOLS hair dryer allows you to have powerful drying as 1875 watts while giving you anti-static and direct ions for versatile styling all while in a sleek chic design. You don’t have to worry about your hair sticking to clothes like most conventional hair dryers as it’s anti-static like the professional dryers you’d experience at the salon.

It comes in a sleek chic design that will make you want to use it, show it off, and be proud to have it more often than most dryers which aren’t as stylish. A subtle but alluring aspect of the Hot Tools Professional.

The direct ion technology you use when you dry your hair with this dryer will be nothing short of pleasurable for you as experience smooth shiny hair with highly reduced frizz. This feature has an optional on/off switch so you can alternate between a textured natural look and ultra shine gloss as your preference and convenience.

You get even further control as it also comes with 6-heat and 2-speed options so you can get the most optimal and customized look for your hair type and style whether it’s fine and thin or thick and frizzy. It also includes a Cool Shot feature so you once you have your style set you can lock it in place and not worry if its going to hold throughout the day as when you work and as night when you go out.

HOT TOOLS Professional 1875W Ionic Anti-Static Dryer

REVLON One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer

      • POWER of a Dryer, VOLUME of a Styler
      • Do blowouts in half the time
      • Oval Brush Design & Round Edges
      • Powerful but at low heat & wattage


This hair dryer has the power of a dryer but the volume of a styler.

What’s great about this Revlon dryer is not only can it give your hair the body you want it to have but give your mind total ease when you can use it both for the power of a dryer or also at the volume of a styler. Enjoy the rest of the night or your vacation or get to work early when you give your hair a blowout in half the time it usually takes. Save time that you would be stressing over how long it takes to do a blowout and use it for enjoying how great it looks and how easy it was to pull off.

It also features negative ion technology for smoother less frizzy hair in the fraction of the typical drying time you’d experience with most hair dryers. You’ll love your healthier looking and feeling hair without the guilt of using an over drying and damaging dryer.

The Revlon One-step Volumizer uses just enough wattage and power to give you just the right amount of heat to get the job done and without hurting your hair so don’t be fooled by the 1100 watt motor. It also features an oval brush to smooth out your hair and round edges to create as much volume as you need.

REVLON One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer

RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

  • Far-infrared heat waves
  • Ceramic and tourmaline
  • Italian motor
  • After towel dry

By using far-infrared heat waves, this hair dryer reduces drying time.

If you need a dryer that is powerful and professional, you’ll love the RUSK engineering W8less Professional 2000 watt dryer as it’s powerful Italian made motor provides superior airflow and pressure so you can dry and style any type and amount of hair you have. When you combine that with ceramic and tourmaline for smooth, anti-frizz hair and far infrared heat waves for better drying, you get an exceptionally fast and sophisticated hair drying experience as well.

It can be used for multiple styles as well. To straighten your hair, you can use it in sections with a large brush or to create volume for your hair you can position it upside down and aim at that roots or to make waves for your hair you can scrunch it up at the roots while you are drying with the Rusk Engineering W8less.

Not only will you appreciate how versatile it is, you will appreciate how relatively light it is at 2.2 pounds and how time can fly when you become your own professional hairstylist as you forget about how hassling with the limitations of your average dryer and start embracing the transformative power of your RUSK W8less dryer that can dry and add volume to even the finest thin hair without frizzing it out or damaging it.

RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

  • 2000 watt power
  • Nano Titanium technology
  • Light-weight handling
  • 6 heat/speed settings

This hair dryer provides 2000 watts of power.

The BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium dryer is your go to dryer for power, speed, style, and versatility. The 2000 watts of power and nano titanium technology it possesses is powerful and consistent enough to dry even the thickest and largest hair so you won’t have to worry about performance from your dryer or growing your hair out longer than usual.

Do you want to experiment with new styles and looks? This dryer has 6 heat and speed settings, a concentrator nozzle, and a cool shot button to reveal your newest latest look as it is versatile enough to style any hair type and hold it in place in a fraction of the time it would take if at all with any other dryer.

Save time with how fast and powerful this dryer is as you can finish getting ready, out the door, and off to where you need to go more quickly. Worried about frizzing or damaging your hair with this powerful of a motor? Don’t be! It also features ionic technology that helps protect from frizzing and overexposure to positive ions while also making your hair more shiny and healthier looking!

You will also love how much time you’ll save when you won’t have to take breaks from your arm being tired as this dryer has light-weight handling (weighing 2 pounds) that is easy to hold and to keep holding on to!

Take a closer look at BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Hair Dryer here

NuMe Signature Hair Dryer

  • Negative ion conditioning
  • 4 temperatures/3 speeds
  • Far infrared heat
  • Ceramic grill

This hair dryer has a ceramic grill and negative ion conditioning technology.

Want to give your fine thin hair a blowout but not sacrifice your shininess or get possible frizz? Enter the NuME signature hair dryer as it features a ceramic grill to safely and efficiently give your hair infrared heat waves for fast drying, AND negative ion conditioning to sleek and smooth out your hair and combat positive ions that can dull and tighten your hair.

What if you have lots of thick hair or just average regular hair? Well, the NuMe signature hair dryer can handle that too with 4 different temperature options and 3 speed settings to adjust to any hair accordingly.

Having the choice to choose heat and speed will allow you to handle any hair type for you, loved one, or customer in your salon. You can choose to experience the freedom for styling any hair in any style that you want as well when you have the NuMe signature hair dryer.

Got your hair the way you want it? Hold it in place for the rest of the day with the cool shot button and protect your hair from free radicals and frizz while safely sealing your hair cuticles. No more worrying or checking to see if your hair is ok!

This is a dryer that was designed for salon professionals that is brought to the rest of the public for an affordable price and undeniable performance and lightweight ergonomic design.

Take a closer look at the NuMe Signature Hair Dryer by NuMe here

Blowout Beauty Ultra Power Professional Hair Dryer

  • Professional grade
  • Multiple speed & heat options
  • powerful A/C motor
  • light weight

This hair dryer is professional grade blow dryer.

The Blowout Beauty is a professional grade blower that can dry your in a snap with air speeds up to 50mph! Whether you’re getting ready for a big special event or getting yourself presentable for a quick outing, you can rest assured that your hair will be dried and styled with this powerful A/C motor.

Find and create any hair style you want as well as there are multiple heat and speed options for your dryer to accommodate any hair type or style you want for yourself, loved one, or customer in your salon.

You can also rest assured that hair will stay in place throughout the day or night with the cool shot button mode that helps set even the most intricate and fragile hair styles in place.

You will also enjoy styling your hair even more when it is not a chore or workout for your arms! It has a lightweight easy to hold design that you don’t have to put a lot of effort to hold up as it only weighs 1 pound. You can also walk freely in the salon or your bathroom with a nine-foot power cord for the most mobility and convenience.

Additionally with a removable easy to clean filter, you can quickly and easily maintain your Blowout Beauty Ultra Power professional hair dyer so you can continue to get the full benefit of its capabilities.

Take a closer look at the Blowout Beauty Ultra Power Professional Hair Dryer here

T 3 LUXE 2I Hair Dryer

  • ion-enriched airflow
  • 3 heat & 2 speeds
  • Cold shot button to style
  • tourmaline barrel brush

This hair dryer has a tourmaline barrel brush for increased hair volume.

Get the most shine and least amount of frizz with the 1800-watt strength and ion-enriched airflow of the T3 LUXE 2I hair dryer. It features T3 SoftAire™ and T3 ion generator with ceramic technology to disperse negative ions that help dry hair more quickly yet gently while protecting your hair from frizz and friction and of course overexposure to positive ions while helping to provide more shine to your hair.

Handle any hair type and achieve any hairstyle with the 3 heat and 2 speed settings on the dryer including a cool shot button to help hold your desired hairstyle in place throughout the day. It also comes with a tourmaline concentrator for accurate drying in certain sections of your hair and it comes with a wide concentrator for widespread drying over large sections of your hair including a concentrator nozzle to make isolating hair sections easier.

Another unique feature that’s included to achieve further body and shine is the extra tourmaline and ceramic barrel brush you can use while drying. This 2.5-inch wide round brush can help you achieve as much glossiness and volume that you want for your desired hairstyle.

It is also compatible with a Soft 2 diffuser so you can more widely disperse heat across your hair. It also has a slanted lightweight grip design that you can easily hold onto it while you dry your hair so it doesn’t slip out of your grasp or become too heavy to hold up as it weighs under 1 pound!

Take a closer look at the T 3 LUXE 2I Hair Dryer here

T3 Featherweight Compact Folding Hair Dryer

  • Dual voltage
  • Compact and powerful
  • negative ion airflow technology
  • 2 speed/heat settings + cool shot style

This hair dryer is compact and powerful with dual voltage motor.

The T3 featherweight Compact Folding Hair dryer is the perfect travel companion hair dryer for you if you want full-serviced blowouts on the go. It features a dual voltage switch to accommodate electrical outlets while your overseas or in the convenience of your home.

It can also fold up so it can fit easily in your bag or travel suitcase before you board the plane or get in the car for a long drive. The dryer is also scratch resistant so you won’t have to worry about cosmetic damage when you travel around with it and it comes with a 9-foot long power cord so you can move freely around when you style your hair.

Don’t be fooled by its compact size as it provides powerful hair drying with negative ion airflow technology to dry your hair faster while providing more shine and less frizz while reducing friction. With the T3 Featherweight you get the power of a salon professional dryer with the compactness of a small dryer.

It also has 2-speed and heat settings and a cool shot button so you can achieve any style and set it in place with a sleek shiny finish to your hair that will stay in place.

Additionally, it comes with a travel tote bag so you can easily take it with you on the go. It’s also compatible with a soft touch compact diffuser to widely disperse heat for your hair.

Take a closer look at the T3 Featherweight Compact Folding Hair Dryer here

Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite Professional Hair Dryer

  • 1800-watt power
  • powerful lightweight DC motor
  • 2 concentrators included
  • low EMF

This hair dryer has 1800 watts of power in a lightweight design.

The Supersolano gives you salon-professional blowouts at the control of your fingertips with an Italian made 1800-watt DC-powered motor that is lightweight and powerful.

Experience super velocity high-performance fast-drying with ease as your arms won’t get tired from holding its 2-pound frame and your ears won’t get tired while using it because it’s motor was made for quiet operation. Take as little time as you want or as much time as you need because the Supersolano makes hair drying and styling as effortless as can possibly be!

Your hair won’t damage as infrared heat from ceramics gently and evenly dries it while the ionic technology helps to prevent frizz and increase shine while reducing static electricity so you can relax with beautiful hair that doesn’t stick.

It’s made to emit low EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) so you are safer while drying your hair and has 3 temperature and 2-speed settings to facilitate any stylized look for any hair type you, a loved one, or a customer of yours will have.

The stylishly sleek black design of the Supersolano dryer that begs you to be picked up and used also comes with 2 concentrators to direct dry heat to certain sections of your hair should need it for the simplest or most intricate hairstyles. Maintaining it is also simple and easy as it comes with a removable filter that can be replaced.

Take a closer look at the Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite Professional Hair Dryer here

T3 Cura Professional Digital Ionic Hair Dryer

  • Digitally controlled negative ion air
  • Fast drying and beautiful styling
  • Drying and styling attachments included
  • Quiet operation

This hair dryer has digitally controlled air full of negative ions to give you softer shinier hair.

Winner of the 2018 Beauty Awards on the Brides website, the T3 Cura Professional Digital Ionic Hair dryer gives you digitally controlled negative ion air that delivers the softest hair with fast drying and beautiful styling. If it’s good enough to spruce up any bride for her one big special day that it’s more than likely good enough to enhance your hair for your everyday use!

The innovative Digital T3 Ion air technology disperses wide heated air quickly, evenly, and safely to give you the best hair drying experience possible. The ions generated will also enhance your hair’s shine will reduce any frizziness so you can put your best foot forward with your desired hairstyle.

Since the heat is digitally controlled, it’s expertly distributed thereby maximizing efficiency and protection for your hair. It comes with 3 heat and 2-speed settings to adjust to any hair type and help achieve any style or look.

You’ll want to use it every day as it was engineered to have quiet operation so to not disturb you or your surroundings even if you are multi-tasking like discussing important plans over the phone, and it has a lightweight ergonomic design for long periods of use.

When you get the T3 Cura Professional, you also receive a pure stream filter cap, drying concentrator, and a styling concentrator to disperse heated air as narrowly or widely as you need.

Take a closer look at the T3 Cura Professional Digital Ionic Hair Dryer here

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Dream Hair Dryer

  • quiet, light, balanced
  • drying time reduced 30%
  • low EMF ceramic/ion system
  • 2 airspeed & 3 temperatures

This hair dryer reduces drying time 30%.

Do you need something just a little more powerful to handle your all of your thick hair but not compromise hair integrity and quietness? Take a closer look at the Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Dream Hairdryer. It was made to distribute heat quickly and effectively but also evenly to dry your hair the most efficiently while reducing frizz and enhancing shine without product while also being quiet in operation.

Thanks to the ceramic and ionic technology you can have quickly dried hair that is also smoothed out and healthy as drying time is reduced by about 30%. This means you can have more time to get your outfit ready or just get out the door without damaging your hair like you would with other powerful hair dryers.

With its precision styling and brushing concentrators that are made to withstand high temperatures, you can pull off any style or look for any hair type without hair damage or high EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) pollution which can harm your overall health.

This is also easier to accomplish with the 2 airspeed and 3 temperature options on the dryer to get the look you want and the cold shot button to help set that look in place so you don’t have to constantly check if your hair looks good.

It comes top of its category for lightness, power, and balance. It’s also highly rated on review sites including

Take a closer look at the Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Dream Hair Dryer here

T3 Cura Luxe Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

  • Auto Pause Sensor
  • T3 Digital IonAir technology
  • Built-in negative ion generator
  • Drying and Styling attachments included

This hair dryer has an auto pause sensor to not waste energy or damage anything.

You’ll love the Cura Luxe Professional and quickly come to realize how it won 5 editorial awards including the 2018 TotalBeauty award with its powerful drying ability and innovative features to the hair dryer market.

You’ll learn to appreciate the unique auto pause sensor feature that can detect when you release the trigger on the handle so you don’t accidentally burn yourself and to save on energy use BUT is also very useful when you are styling with a round brush.

It comes with T3 Digital IonAir technology with a powerful negative ion generator that manages and distributes heat more efficiently while making your hair more soft, sleek, and shiny without frizz or friction in a fraction of the drying time of many typical hair dryers.

The Cura Luxe is also lightweight and stylish in design so it’ll make you want to keep picking it up and never putting it down as you experience shinier and more beautiful hair results every time you use it. Customizing the specific hairstyle that you want is even easier when you access the precisely digitally controlled 5 heat and 2-speed settings that can manage any hair type for any look.

When you get the Cura Luxe, you will love the 9-foot power cable it comes with to allow mobility and freedom while using it. You will also receive two concentrators for more focused and stylized hair drying.

Take a closer look at the T3 Cura Luxe Professional Ionic Hair Dryer here

Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000

  • light-weight ergonomic design
  • fast drying but low noise
  • heat & speed settings for all hair types
  • extra long 11″ cord

This hair dryer was made to dry hair fast but be quieter at the same time.

A popular sophisticated dryer sworn by many hairstylists which also received Best of Beauty award on, the Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000 is a force to be reckoned with. Everyone praises its uncanny ability to really quickly dry hair with a powerful airflow in a fraction of the time of most hair dryers allowing them to save time in the morning before work or behind the curtain heading onto a beauty show.

When you have an especially powerful hairdryer, you usually get a lot of noise from the motor, but this dryer is made to be quiet in operation which will make you want to use it again and again as it won’t be a chore or pain to turn on.

It comes with an optional ionic air button so you can choose if you want negative ions to help dry and smooth your hair out or not. It also features multiple heat and speed settings for all hair types and hairstyles allowing you to take on any customer or any look you want with faster drying and less frizz.

Are you moving around in your salon? Are you multitasking in your bathroom while drying? Then you’ll love the Harry Josh Pro dryer’s extra long 11-foot power cord that will allow you to stay mobile when you dry.

Take a closer look at the Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000 here

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

  • temperature measured and controlled every 20 seconds
  • ultra-fast drying
  • Dyson smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator, and diffuser
  • acoustically tuned inaudible noise

This hair dryer has ultra-fast drying and maintains the temperature at every second.

Dyson is known for style, sophistication, and innovation with all their products, and the Supersonic Hair Dryer measures up to the name. It’s packed with innovative features that make this one of the most sophisticated and advanced models on this list and to be seen on the market.

Get ultra-fast and ultra-precise drying as the temperature is measured and automatically managed every 20 seconds to ensure maximum drying and safety for your hair. No more burning yourself or damaging your hair as this nuisance is irrelevant when you have the Supersonic hair dryer.

There are 4 precise heat settings (fast drying & styling, regular drying, gentle drying, and constant cold) and 3 precise speed settings (fast drying, regular drying, and gentle drying) that are digitally controlled allow any hair type and style.

It’s engineered to be lightweight and balanced as the motor is actually located in the handle rather than the head like most dryers. This allows it to be easier to hold and keep holding onto without dropping or having your arms get tired. Dry and style your hair with ease for as long or as quickly as you want.

It’s also acoustically tuned to make one inaudible frequency sound so you can enjoy complete peace and quiet as you get yourself ready in the mirror. There aren’t many dryers that are completely silent so this is a great benefit to you, your family, co-workers, and customers.

Take a closer look at the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer here

Last thoughts

So there you have it! This is a list of the 15 best hair dryers 2019 has to offer, a short shopping guide, and why having negative ions can help you dry your hair more quickly efficiently. Remember, whenever you’re shopping for a hair dryer you’ll want something at least 1500-watts of power, lightweight in design at about pound in weight, and has right technology/material for your hair type. Luckily most of the dryers here cover those aspects.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you and reply to you. Let me know which hair dryer has your attention and why. 🙂

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