Best Himalayan Salt Lamps

Everyone talks about them. Do they work? Do they not work? Are they all that they’re cracked up to be? How do you know if you have a real one? Where do you find a quality salt lamp? All questions will be dispelled. As this not only a list of the best Himalayan salt lamps, but an informative on what to look for when you’re choosing a salt lamp.

Yes, they also emit some negative ions which help clean the air and positively influence your entire well being. The bigger the salt rock in the lamp the wider coverage of negative ions which is how I organized this list (from lowest to highest weight).

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I know the idea of salt lamps being different from each other can sound funny, but they are not all the same even though they might seem that way. There are different qualities and features. Let’s take further look into 12 top rated lamps made up of salt rock from the famous mountain range in Pakistan and some key aspects that make them worth your while. You may just be surprised at what you’ll find out…

What to Look For

  • Salt Quality – You want to make sure you’re buying a Himalayan salt lamp because it will guranatee you are getting the best quality salt. They are usually handmined from the Pakistan. The big reason why people are up in arms about getting them is for their relaxing warm amber glow but also for their hygrosopic (ability to absorb harmful gases and emit them as clean water) and negative ion emitting abilities.
  • Weight – Typically the heavier and the bigger the salt rock for the lamp, the wider the esimated negative ion coverage for the room. Better breathing, mood boosting, immune boosting, mental cleansing, and cleaner air. Luckily for you I arranged the lamps on thist by their weight. Here is a quick breakdown of weight to estimated negative ion coverage:      5-7 lbs for small bedroom, 9-11 lbs for large bedrooms, 12-15 for living rooms, and anything 25lbs or more for 2 rooms or commerical spaces like hotel lobbies. 
  • Shape – Now most salt lamp shapes come in egg-like bulb shapes but you can also get them in geometrical shapes like rectangles or even smaller rock particles inside of a metal casing or bowl. It depends on what kind of conversation and decorative piece you want to have… and of course, your budget. Either way people will be asking you about your salt lamp and you can tell them you found this awesome guide to help you pick out your amazing salt lamp. 🙂

Top 12 Lamps

Fab Glass and Mirror SL-NAS13-S Pure Himalayan Crystal Rock – 3lbs

  • 100% Himalayan pink salt rock
  • UL-approved Safety Guaranteed Cord and Brightness Dimmer Control
  • Fully Assembled in Quality Shrink Wrapping
  • 1 Extra 15-Watt bulb

This 3lb salt lamp comes with a dimmable light switch.

Want a real salt lamp but only a little space to spare? Save time and choose this Fab Glass and Mirror salt lamp. It only weighs 3lbs but it is 100% pure Himalayan salt rock. 

When you have genuine pink salt, you get a relaxing atmosphere because negative ions are being emitted into the air to help clean air particles and promote boosted well-being. It also naturally absorbs harmful gases in the air you might not know about that come from household cleaners, rubbers, cement, and plastics that air purifiers don’t always catch.

It features a UL-approved power cord to meet industry standards and safety that also includes a brightness dimmer control. You can set the mood lighting of your lamp for any time of day or occasion so the light is never an annoyance or hindrance but a complement to your room whether office or bedroom. Relax better, sleep soundly, and focus more easily when the light is set just right.

The lamp is fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box so you can relax immediately and not fuss with a complicated setup with instructions. This includes a light bulb already installed and an extra back up bulb when that one burns out so you can use your lamp for an extended period.

Take a closer look at the Fab Glass and Mirror SL-NAS13-S Lamp

TULA Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp – 4lbs

  • Home decor accent
  • Color changing long-lasting LED light
  • USB powered
  • Anti-microbial

This 4lb salt lamp has beautiful color changing LED

If you want a small salt lamp that is long lasting and convenient to use just about anywhere, then you’ll definitely want the TULA lamp you see here! It features a long lasting LED light that changes through many colors and is designed to last a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Save time and save money while you enjoy the visually appealing spectacle that is within this lamp.

This is a great conversational piece for your house guests and an excellent nightlight for your bedside. The changing lights are a wonderful sight to see and an added bonus to the usual salt lamp.

It’s a great home decor accent to just about any sophisticated interior design or humble homey vibe. You can place it on your desktop, nightstand, kitchen counter top, shelve, or even by your computer. How is this possible? Well it’s USB powered making it more mobile for you and not have to worry about length of a power cord. It comes with a USB port.

The salt lamp is also anti-microbial so it will resist and fight the growth of mold and bacteria. This will make the air and space in your room even cleaner in combination with the negative ions it produces and the harmful gases it naturally absorbs.

Take a closer look at the TULA Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp

Levoit Kyra Salt Lamp – 6lbs

  • Premium Steel Base
  • Dimmable light switch
  • Gift Bag included
  • 100% highest and purest quality 


The Levoit Kyra comes from a well trusted brand and lamp series line.

Levoit is a trusted brand and their premium salt lamp product line is only rivaled by few. This lamp features a premium steel base for a more modern decor and design perfect for a modern office or bedroom. It can easily sit on your desktop or nightstand.

Rest assured that you are getting 100% of the highest and purest pink salt quality as Levoit always delivers. This means you’ll have multi-beneficial negative ions to promote positive well-being and cleaner air environment for your room or office.

Any harmful byproduct gases from household cleaners, rubbers, glues, or plastics wil also be absorbed naturally by the pink salt and it will “sweat” them out as clean water.

Every Levoit lamp comes standard with a dimmable safer touch light switch that intuitively responds to your individual touch so you can brighten or dim the light level of the lamp more finely tuned than most other lamps. You’ll never have to hassle with a lamp light that is too bright or too dim.

Want to gift this lamp to someone for college, birthday, or holiday? No problem as every lamp comes with a premium gift bag that makes gifting it a breeze. 

Every lamp also comes with a 2-year warranty and lifetime support from Levoit which is revered by many past customers across reviews. There’s nothing to worry about so you can just enjoy the pleasure of a salt lamp like it was intended!

Take a closer look at the Levoit Kyra Salt Lamp

D’aplomb 100% Authentic Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp – 8lbs

  • Hand carved
  • Unique Flower shape
  • Wood base
  • light switch

This 8lb salt lamp is hand carved to the shape of a flower.

D’aplomb likes to deliver high-quality and sophistication in their lamps. This is exactly what you get with this one in particular as the pink salt is expertly hand carved to resemble a unique flower shape. This is an elegant look and feel to perfectly complement the soothing warm atmosphere that the lamp bulb will illuminate in your room from within its pink salt.

Since it’s all natural pink salt that is hand carved, every lamp will have a slightly different shape, size, color, and weight. Your lamp will be unique to you and no one else!

It features a premium wooden base that can humbly accent your interior design without any flash and firmly supporting the flower-shaped lamp. Between the flower-shape, the wooden base, the hygroscopic negative ion-emitting pink salt, and the warm amber glow, this lamp will exude the tranquility that only nature can give.

You can use the UL tested and approved light switch dimmer to accurately set the light brightness and dim level to exactly your liking inside of your bedroom, office, yoga studio, or living room.

It comes standard with a 15-watt bulb and it’s simple to set-up so you can use it as soon as it arrives at your door. No complication assembly process for you.

D’aplomb also promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a no-hassle 90-day warranty so if there’s any issue whatsoever you can easily receive a replacement without any problems.

Take a closer look at the 'aplomb 100% Authentic Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Amethya Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp – 12lbs

  • Set of 2 lamps
  • Natural wood base
  • Natural air cleaner
  • Relaxing amber glow


This set of two salt lamps come with a premium wooden base.

One of the great benefits of this Amethya salt lamp is that it is really a set of two salt lamps so you are getting a wonderful value deal—buy one, get one free. Each lamp weighs about 6lbs which is good to cover any small room with negative ions and provide clean calm air atmosphere and warm glow ambiance.

Each lamp features a natural hand-carved premium wooden base to further complement the natural atmosphere the warm relaxing amber glow it will provide when you are sleeping at night or relaxing in the evening after a long day. If you like to keep a natural humble look to your home or workplace, this will be your ideal salt lamp.

The pink salt will act as a natural air cleaner as it emits negative ions to attach to harmful airborne particles like dust, dander, or pollen; and it absorbs harmful gases that can be a byproduct of cleaning chemicals or household rubbers, plastics, and glues.

You can breathe and relax much better knowing that your well-being is positively influenced and your air space is cleansed. This will help make you less stressed and less likely to get sick.

You could place one lamp in your bedroom for when you relax and sleep and you could place another one in your bathroom to help keep the air cleaner and fresher. Alternatively, you could place one in your office to combat the positive ion pollution from your laptop or computer and another one in your living room when you take a break.

Take a closer look at the Amethya Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Levoit Salt Lamp Wooden Base – 10lbs

  • Real rubber wood base
  • Safer Touch Dimmer Switch
  • 6-ft cord & 15-watt bulb accessories
  • 2-year warranty & lifetime support
  • Premium gift bag

This Levoit salt lamp comes well accessorized with a safe touch dimmer light switch and a premium gift bag.

Levoit is definitely one of the few brands that rival WBM and is as frequently talked about. This is thanks to their 2-year warranty and lifetime support on every lamp that they offer.

This one features a real wooden rubber base that can hold the lamp well and firmly keep it placed on any desk or nightstand you leave it on. It also has an earthy soft look and feel too to complement your interior design.

It comes standard with Levoit’s innovative safer touch dimmer switch that intuitively responds to your individual touch. This way you can acutely adjust the brightness and dim level of your lamp more accurately to perfectly set any mood you find yourself in.

In addition to a great quality pink salt lamp when you choose Levoit, you also get a 6-ft cord, two 15-watt light bulbs, and a premium gift bag. 

You don’t have to worry about if the power cord can reach your outlet as it has a slightly longer cord than the average lamp. You can use the lamp right away and for some time to come since you’ll have a bulb to use right away and a back up as well.

You can also easily gift it to anyone as it comes in a premium gift bag for a convenient Christmas, birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion present. 

Take a closer look at the Levoit Salt Lamp Wooden Base

WMB Himalayan Glow Pink Salt Night Light – 10lbs

  • Decorative metal vase
  • Modernly design decor
  • 6-ft cord
  • Patented light dimmer

This salt lamp comes in pieces in a modernly designed metal vase.

WBM is one of the most trusted salt lamp brands out on the market to provide 100% pure Himalayan rock salt crystals in their products (you’ll find a few from them on this list) and this is why you’ll find the name at the top of many reviews like You can rest assured that you have a real top-quality lamp and not waste a second wondering if it’s real or fake.

This lamp has the salt in an assortment of rock fragments held inside of a decorative metal vase. Enjoy having a salt lamp with a twist as you turn the heads of your house guests and family members while they compliment you on how relaxing and tranquil your bedroom or office feels.

It is a fantastic black and sleek complement with a modernly designed decor for any large bedroom while it’s large enough to cover the space with negative ions which help you feel refreshed and recharged. Use it as a night light, decorative piece, or a gift for any special occasion/holiday.

Conveniently place your lamp and plug it in anywhere 6-feet from the outlet with its elongated power cord. It also features a patented light dimmer so you can control the brightness of your lamp’s light so it’s not too dim or not too bright for any time of day or occasion.

Take a closer look at the WMB Himalayan Glow Pink Salt Night Light

D’aplomb Hand-Carved Modern Rectangle Salt Lamp – 11.5lbs

  • unique rectangle design
  • UL-listed dimmer
  • Crafted wooden base
  • Two 15-watt bulbs

This salt lamp is hand carved and comes in a modern rectangle design.

Maybe you’ve had an average salt lamp before in your master bedroom or office but you want something a little more elegant, modern, and uniform. Well, enjoy this geometrical rectangle shaped salt lamp from D’aplomb that offers a unique aesthetic difference that is a perfect accent to any modern decor layout. Salt lamps usually vary in size and shape considerably but not as much with the D-aplomb which gives a more even uniform look.

Get the conversation going when guests ask about your lamp as most may not recognize what is because of the different shape which resembles that of a bar of soap. Maintain the peace and relaxation of your space with all the usual multiple therapeutic benefits that pink salt has to offer including harmful gas absorption, warm amber glow lighting, and negative ion emissions. 

While your well-being is positively influenced by cleaner air and relaxing vibes, enjoy the modern black wooden base that can blend into just about any interior color scheme and support the rectangle pink salt. 

It also features a UL-listed dimmer that can accurately dim the light to your specific preference so it is the right brightness for your mood and that has been thoroughly tested to meet industry standards. 

When you choose this lamp you will also receive two 15-watt light bulbs so you can start using and continue using it right away and for some time to come. This will save you time and money!

Take a closer look at the D'aplomb Hand-Carved Modern Rectangle Salt Lamp

Himalayan Glow 1002 Pink Crystal Salt Lamp – 8-11lbs

  • Handmade
  • Neem Wooden base
  • 5.6 feet cord with light dimmer
  • Pre-installed light bulb

This salt lamp is handmade and has a light dimmer switch.

This 1002 pink crystal from Himalayan glow is a wonderful addition to any large bedroom or an equally spaced area. You will love it’s neem wooden base that is equally stylish as it is functional. Not only does it perfectly hold the salt rock and lamp on its base, but it also is anti-bacterial, termite resistant, and shrink resistant. 

You won’t have to worry about the wood absorbing excess of germs and bacteria nor attracting termites to ruin the base. Checking indoor humidity levels is not a concern either with the 1002 as it’s neem wooden base is also shrink resistant. This makes it safer and more durable saving you money on cleaning it or replacing it.

It also comes with a 5.6 feet cord that allows you to plug it in without crowding the space near your outlet where you might have something else plugged in.

The cord also has a light dimmer so you can choose the brightness of your lamp’s amber glow depending on your mood and preference to complement the perfect relaxing warm atmosphere for your large bedroom or office.

Enjoy your lamp right out of the box as it already comes with a pre-installed light bulb so you don’t have to fuss with assembly and get straight to enjoying all the glowing light, air cleaning, negative ion, and therapeutic benefits that your lamp has to offer.
Take a closer look at Himalayan Glow 1002 Pink Crystal Salt Lamp

Levoit Ezra Himalayan Salt Lamp – 16lbs

  • decorative metal vase
  • safer touch dimmer
  • three 15 watt incandescent light bulb
  • 100% satisfaction


This lamp comes in a decorative metal vase.

Ready for something different and fancy that can still provide a warm glow and negative ion coverage for your living room or large spaced area? Then you’ll love the Levoit Ezra as it weighs in at a hefty 16lbs and comes in a uniquely designed decorative metal vase.

Impress your family and houseguests with a salt lamp that has a more sophisticated case design that holds a different salt shape structure than most which are a bunch of salt rock crystal fragments. If you’re tired of the typical egg-like bulb shape of most salt lamps, you’ll appreciate the aesthetic of this metal basket vase holding various salt rocks.

It also comes with a safer touch dimmer that intuitively dims responsively according to your individual touch. You can adjust the light dim level of your Ezra as bright or dim as you want and more accurately than most light dimmers. (Arguably the best light dimmer I’ve seen on the market and I’ve reviewed many salt lamps.)

When you choose the Levoit Ezra, you also receive three 15-watt incandescent light bulbso you can use it right away and you can rest assured that you have back-ups for some time to come. Save money and save time!

You also get 100% satisfaction with a 2-year warranty and 24/7 Levoit support. Levoit is a brand that is well trusted and takes remarkable care of their customers.

Take a closer look at Levoit Ezra Himalayan Salt Lamp


WBM Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp, Rare Limited Edition – 25-35 lbs

  • 100% pure Himalayan Rock Salt Crystals
  • Dimmable salt Lighting
  • Home décor
  • Holistic health

This salt lamp is 100% pure Himalayan rock salt.

Stop worrying about if it’s real or not as WBM is one of the most trusted salt lamp brands out on the market to provide 100% pure Himalayan rock salt crystals in their products. WBM tops many review sites like and their lamps are well sought for.

Want to set the mood just right for sleep, romantic at-home date, relaxing evening dinner, a light ambiance for business during the day? This lamp comes with dimmable salt lighting so you can adjust the brightness according to how you feel at the moment. You will never have to worry about the lamp being too bright or too dim.

Because of its big weight and natural salt beauty, this WBM lamp will accent your home or business decor design and complement your holistic health needs. Its size will provide a warm amber glow for the entire living room or commercial space and it will give off multi-beneficial negative ions capable of covering 500-600 square feet or more.

You can have a relaxing nature atmosphere that you would experience by a waterfall or in a rain forest but in the comfort of your home or within the bustle of your spa, yoga studio, or lobby. It will add tranquility and clarity to the airspace and vibe to any large space you place it in.

WBM Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp


IndusClassic Giant Natural Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp – 25-35lbs

  • 12 inch long and 75-watt bulb and 5-feet electric cord
  • Ions effective area 525 – 600 Square Feet
  • made from Natural Himalayan salt crystals 
  • TV lounge or big living area, Spa, Hotel, and Restaurant Lobby

This salt lamp is large enough to cover 525-600 feet with negative ions

You will love this Indus Classic giant natural Himalayan salt lamp for its massive size and widespread negative ion coverage. The air in your big living room or commercial lobby at your business will be naturally cleaner and void of any chemical or rubber byproduct gases.

This will leave you, your house guests or customer feeling refreshed and recharged because it will naturally absorb them better than smaller salt lamps because of it’s larger surface area and its larger weight emitting negative ions estimated able to cover 525-600 square foot.

Those negative ions will also not only positively influence your well-being but attach to other airborne particles like dust, dander, pollen, etc. in the air to drag them to the ground so no one has to breathe them in.

It’s also made from Natural Himalayan salt crystals so you can rest assured that you are getting the real thing and the real benefits of negative ions and hygroscopic gas absorption. You will also appreciate it’s 12-inch and 75-watt bulbs that will more than big and powerful enough to lit up almost any size space.

You don’t have to keep it too close to an outlet either as the power cord is conveniently 5-foot long. This is a solid investment and undeniable conversation/decorative piece to the indoor design of your home or commercial spa, hotel, or restaurant lobby. You’ll have anyone comfortable and relaxed whenever they are in the same room and space.

Take a look at IndusClassic Giant Natural Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp

Last thoughts

Voila! This list was compiled from the results of many review sites including that spent hours of research and independent product testing to figure out the best lamps. Every one you see here is natural Himalayan salt and includes some of the best features you can find.

If you have any questions or comments, leave it below and I will be sure to get back to you.

I also would like to know: which lamp has your interest and why?

Looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂

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