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Water bottles are intentionally made for different uses and activities.


If you read my last post on water filter pitchers, you’ll know the importance of hydration in an ever-increasingly busier fast-paced society where attention span is always skewed and centered on getting “somewhere else”. Hydration is much easier to get in while you’re at home with your running water, filter, and cold fridge (and in cool AC) but when you’re on the go, it gets more tricky even with greater modern accessibility to great items and information. (Maybe that’s why you searched for best water bottles 2019.)

Grab an average plastic water bottle when you head out the door and you run the risks of BPA contamination and high acidity level. Go for a glass of tap water at your favorite restaurant and you may also be ingesting chlorine, fluoride, and heavy metals. Plus, when you take it to go you’re putting in a paper Styrofoam cup which can have harmful chemicals especially if it sits for too long in a hot car.

What is the answer? Invest in a reusable water bottle, of course.

Save yourself the money and harmful chemical exposure by using a water filtration system like this 18-cup pitcher dispenser to fill up your sports, tumbler, kids, or stainless steel water bottle. Keep your water safe, cool, and, most importantly, while you keep your body hydrated so it continues it’s natural processes properly and protect you from dehydration, illness, stress, and exhaustion.

But how to find the perfect one for you? Read on and I’ll share 3 small points (Partly thanks to to remember before I suggest my top picks for you to consider that I’ve scanned across multiple sites like and plus more.

How to Shop


It IS worth it to be honest with yourself.

Ensure that you’ll keep drinking water

It affects every aspect of your health.

It is the ultimate goal.


This might take some time to consider but it’s the first place to start. The most amazing bottle won’t be so amazing after long if you stop using it because it became a chore to carry around or a nuisance to constantly refill. It may take trying a few sizes or just having experience with using them for you to really nail down what works for your needs and preferences.


  • Do you want something small like 8-12oz that’s easy to carry while you run around?
  • Do you want something bigger that is 32 to 64oz that allows you to reach your daily recommended amount of water more easily?

If this isn’t helpful than you may need to ask yourself these next few questions.


What is your main purpose for having this water bottle?

If you scroll down you’ll notice that I split the bottles up by category for easy browsing and identifying. Yes, they all safely hold water for you but each one has different uses and features depending on the activity you need it for.

  • Do you just need general one to carry around for maintenance hydration for yourself? For your child?
  • Do you need an auto-seal tumbler for drinking around the comfort of your home?
  • Do you need a durable thermal one for exercising?
  • Do you want a rugged large capacity one for backpacking or camping?
  • Do you prefer optimal hydration with the ultra-filtered high-quality water like alkaline ionized water and reminders on when to drink?

(Yes. They exist. Keep reading.)

Knowing the answer to the question of your purpose or activity for having one in the first place will help tremendously in selecting the material you want for it.


I know you may be thinking that after the first two points that this might be a little meticulous to consider and you just want to go ahead and buy one so you can get to use it, but you would be surprised how disappointed other hasty buyers became when they did this because they got something didn’t fit their needs.

  • Is BPA from common plastic a concern for you?
  • Do you travel a lot and need certain durability?
  • Do you prefer glass for decorative purposes in your home or office?

There are reasons why stores will separate bottles into specific categories and manufacturers will design them for specific uses. It pays big dividends for you and your health to have a similar deliberation when choosing as they did in creating.


Top 10 Bottles

Reusable water bottles are great for travel.

Smart (best hydration)

pH HYDRATE Portable Alkaline Water Filter Ionizer


This bottle filters, ionizes, and alkalizes your water for premium quality and taste.


  • sturdy glass container to hold your water – NO PLASTIC
  • Filters your water from harmful chemicals 
  • Mineralizes your water
  • 100% money-back guarantee

One of the biggest concerns you’ll have for taking water on the go is that it’s usually in a plastic bottle full of harmful chemicals like BPA. When you use the pH hydrate, water is held in a tough double-walled glass container to protect it from chemicals and so you don’t have to deal with condensation in your bottle. Think of this as your protective vial to keep your vital water safe thereby keeping YOU safe while drinking it.

Enjoy the assurance of some of the cleanest healthiest and tastiest water you’ll ever have available in a portable glass container. This is thanks to the multi-filter system inside doing the work of removing heavy metals and chlorine while reducing fluoride so you don’t have to ingest them. Because it also contains an ionizer, your drinking water will also be complemented with zinc, magnesium, selenium & iron. This means you are drinking toxin ridden and mineral enriched water.

It doesn’t stop there as the pH Hydrate alkalizes and raises the pH level of your water while adding anti-oxidants so you can reduce acidity and possible cell damage in your body over time. Regular water you’ll find in common plastic water bottles can be acidic and contain free radicals that can make you very sick. Say goodbye to those risks now!

All these features are available to you at an affordable price with each filter lasting 30 days (if you’re drinking 2 liters daily) and backed by a 100% money guarantee. There’s absolutely nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain when you get your own pH Hydrate bottle.

Get the best benefits of high quality water for your health all while on the go!

Click for more info on pH HYDRATE Portable Alkaline Water Filter Ionizer



Hidrate Spark 2.0 – $45


This bottle tracks your water intake and glows to remind you to drink.

  • will glow to remind you to hydrate 
  • tracks your water intake for the day
  • you can use replaceable batteries
  • you can easily carry it and wash it 

Maybe you want to stay hydrated but you forget to sip from your bottle throughout the day? Meet the Hidrate Spark 2.0 that will visibly glow when it’s time to drink water. Now you don’t have to remember to remind yourself to drink and stay perfectly hydrated at an even pace throughout the day.

Can’t remember how much you drank? No problem. The Spark syncs up with your android or iPhone to keep track of how much water you’ve drunk and how much more you need to drink to stay on top of your hydration. You don’t have to do the guesswork or math in your head anymore as the smart bottle does it for you and you can check with an app on your phone at any time! Super convenient!

Another convenient feature is that it doesn’t require any charging time so you don’t have to wait to use your bottle because it’s sitting on the charger. Simply use and stock up on basic replaceable batteries for your convenience. You will never have to wait on any charging times and miss out on hydration.

It has an easy to carry handle so you’ll always hold and use your bottle wherever you go. Hydration on the go is important because you’re expending energy and out in the sun. When you’re especially busy is precisely when you’ll lack on hydration and that is the time you’ll need it the most. The bottle is also easy to clean as well so you can easily continue using it again and again.

Click for more info on Hidrate Spark 2.0

Tumbler (general/home use)

Zak Designs Wine Tumbler 


Zak Designs wine tumblers are spill free!

  • enjoy hot up to 4 hours and cold up to 20 hours
  • NO spill = NO worry
  • Will last you a long time
  • safe to use and stylish to own

Imagine having a glass of wine and then getting lost in conversation with your loved one. After some time you take a sip from your glass only to find that your wine has gone warm. You sigh and get up to get some ice or freeze blocks to put in it. You have to wait for the wine to cool down again and suddenly the mood of the evening has been interrupted. Sound familiar?

Well it will be a thing of the past that you will never have to dread again when you have the Zak Designs wine tumbler. It’s vacuum insulation will keep your wine, water, or any other cold beverage cool for 20 hours! Keep the conversation going! Sit without interruption! Get up and come back! Forget to put it in the fridge without a problem!

Not only can you use this tumbler for cold beverages with ease but you can also use it for tea, coffee, or any other hot beverage for up to 4 hours! Enjoy the warmth of your tea or coffee and take your time sipping it without having to burn your mouth or tongue. Your life is busy and frantic enough as it is with all your responsibilities— you shouldn’t have to rush your hot drink as well!

This tumbler is also designed with sturdy stainless steel that will last you a long time. It can take a fall or bump and can be hand washed, microwaved, or dishwasher without hassle. Not to mention it’s material is also BPA free so you won’t have to worry about drinking any harmful toxins.

Click for more info on Zak Designs Wine Tumbler


Simple Modern Classic Tumbler 


Simple provides different color options for this stainless steel tumbler.

  • keeps your water cold or hot & safe
  • choose straw lid or flip lid
  • durable to last you & elegant to look at
  • will fit your cup holder

If you enjoy a simple cup with a straw like you would get a fast food drive thru that you can reuse whether you’re at home or on a drive, then look no further than the Simple Modern classic tumbler. It comes with a straw lid or flip lid for your convenience so you can sip however you want and is the easiest for you. Each lid is removable and easily washable. This allows you to have simple use and reuse so you can stay hydrated.

Although it has the appearance of a regular cup it has the durability of a thermos with premium gauge stainless steel that is coated with two matte finishes. This cup will last a long time by withstanding any abuse it may go through regardless of how clumsy you may be sometimes. It also comes in many polished colors so you can choose whatever fits your liking or interior design.

What you will also love about this tumbler is that it keep your water cold or hot for hours on end so you can stay in your seat or stay on the go without having to replace your water frequently. This allows you to relax better in your home or stay focused while you’re in transit You will also love drinking from it as it fits your cup holder in your car. Sip and drive with a perfect temperature drink.

If that isn’t enough, you are helping donate to worthy causes as 10% of Simple Modern profits are given out. Feel good about staying hydrated wherever you are and giving back to the world in places they need it most when you have this classic tumbler.

Click to find out more on Simple Modern Classic Tumbler

Stainless steel (travel/on-the-go)

Contigo Couture Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel

20 oz Contigo Couture comes in a metallic finish.

  • polished durable material to last you a long time
  • toeasy for you take off and reuse
  • freeof BPA chemicals 
  • easy for you to carry around

Need a bottle to drink from on the go that’s sturdy and stylish but easy to carry around? Look no further than the Contigo Couture as it was designed to be easy to use and easy to look at. Some bottles are hard to carry around and some bottles are not attractive—either way you ideally need a bottle to be both if you expect to keep using it. This Contigo is the perfect combination.

It’s made of a durable BPA-free material that will last you a long time. You can afford a few accidental drops or bumps without too much worry. Durability is an important factor for a bottle you’ll be taking on the go a lot and you’re a busy person who might get distracted while holding it. It protects your water from not just resistance but also BPA and other harmful containments from getting inside.

It also has a polished metallic look thanks to its coating that is easy on the eyes. I know it may sound silly to look for a bottle that is visually appealing but it will make a difference in using it continuously. It’s easier to keep using something that you are proud of and starts conversations than something that is average or dull. (Food for thought)

It has a soft-band loop that you can put on your hand or bicycle handlebar for easy transport. This makes it that much more easy to carry around and, once again, for you to continue using day after day. The loop is attached to a removable top for easy drinking, refilling, or cleaning. This allows you to use your bottle with ease and without hassle.

Click for more info on Contigo Couture Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel


bubba Envy S Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel with Straw

24 oz

This tumbler comes with a straw for convenience.

  • keeps your water cold for 18 hours
  • easily use and clean your lid 
  • comeswith a straw for your convenience
  • you are backed with life long guarantee

Get the bubba Envy S is you’re looking for heavy-duty coverage and cold temperature water! This tumbler has vacuum-insulated technology that will keep your water cold for 18-hours which is more than long enough to keep you satisfied for your waking part of the day. You can fill your tumbler once and not worry about the water going warm on you virtually all day long while you relax or work.

The lids are easy to use with or without straw depending on what you’re drinking. This gives you the freedom to choose since some drinks are for drinking straight out the cup and some drinks are for sipping through a straw. They are removable lids so they are easy to clean separate from the tumbler so you can continue to enjoy using it again and again. You can also throw it in the dishwasher without any problems as its dishwasher safe.

Since it’s made with two walled stainless steel, it can withstand bumps and falls. Let’s face it… we all do it when we are rushing, distracted, or just not paying attention. We need something that can be strong and durable and that something is the Envy S. Even if something drastic happens you still have nothing to worry about because…

You don’t have to assume any no risks. If you somehow damage or find faulty parts on your tumbler, you are backed by bubba lifelong guarantee. If you find anything goes wrong with the material, design, or somehow lose your tumbler or lid, bubba has you covered! How’s that for great product and service? You can’t go wrong.

Click for more info on bubba Envy S Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel with Straw


Contigo AUTOSEAL Chill Stainless Steel

24 oz


This contigo bottle has auto seal technology.

  • Auto-seal allows you not to worry
  • THERMALOCK keeps your water cool for 28 hours!
  • spout cover keeps your water clean
  • easy to carry around on you

Another durable portable tumbler is this Contigo AUTOSEAL which, you guessed it, allows you not to worry about spilling! You’d be surprised how often this many happen to tumbler users but you definitely don’t want to be one of them when water spills all over the car when you stop abruptly at quick yellow light! Save yourself the mess and the time when you have this handy tumbler.

Thanks to its THERMALOCK technology, this tumbler will keep your water cool for up to 28 hours! Imagine not having to worry about your water going hot or warm on a hot summer day out by the pool or in the park. Hydration is even more important when you’re sweating but you’re more likely to hydrate when your water stays cold! Enjoy it all day long and keep on swimming, sunbathing, or moving!

It has a hygienic push button to drink from and spout cover to keep your water clean. There’s nothing worse than bugs, germs, and bacteria finding the one opening in your tumbler and contaminating your water rendering it useless for you to drink! This push button and spout cover prevents that from happening and you’ll only have to expose your water when you want to drink from it! So convenient.

To top it off, the Contigo AUTOSEAL is also easy to carry around with its carry handle. Let it hang from your fingers or strap it onto your backpack as you glide throughout the rest of your day with ease feeling perfectly hydrated with cool water. Everything is made simple, easy, and cool with this tumbler so don’t waste any more time and get it now.

Click for more info on Contigo AUTOSEAL Chill Stainless Steel


Simple Modern Summit


Simple Modern not only offers multiple colors but extra lid for hot liquids as well.

  • vacuum seal keeps your water cold for long time
  • durable stylish material will keep you using it
  • copper insulation for your convenience
  • removable lids for hot or cold beverage

Thanks to its vacuum seal and double walls, this tumbler has absolutely nothing for heat to transfer through to change the temperature of your water. This means the empty space between the two walls will allow your drink to stay cold all day long. The added copper insulation on the exterior of the inner wall provides even more protection from hot outside temperature getting into your drinking water. That copper will absorb any heat thereby letting your water stay ice-cold just the way you like it.

It comes with extra removable lids that allow you to drink even hot liquids. You can choose from a stainless steel lid to trap in heat or a splash-proof flip lid to protect you from getting burnt.

This Summit bottle is perfect for a sunny day out at the park, a long bike ride, mounting a camping trail, or even hanging out on your back porch. You can always have cold refreshing water on your person to drink from at all times.

These tumblers come in many durable and stylish colors. Pick your favorite color to match your gym clothes or the interior design of your home or vehicle. Be reassured when you are active or on the go that it will absorb any contact with the ground or other objects.

Like I mentioned before, you are helping donate to worthy causes whenever you choose Simple Modern. 10% of their profits are given out. Feel good about staying hydrated wherever you are and giving back to the world in places they need it most when you have this classic tumbler.

Click for more info on Simple Modern Summit

Sports/Camping (active lifestyle)

Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth – $11


One of the most popular sports water bottles for its simplicity and sturdiness.

  • Get the best selling bottle for yourself
  • safe durable material that will last you
  • easily clean and add ice cubes to wide opening
  • easy for you to fill and measure

Don’t take a chance on something that hasn’t been tried and true. Go for something that has worked for thousands of others and will probably work for you with the Nalgene Wide Mouth. It has been the best-seller for 20 years for its simplicity, durability, and ease of use. Read the thousands of reviews and see for yourself why this has been a popular bottle.

It’s made from a BPA-free eastman Tritan co-polyester that can withstand bumps and falls. Your hydration can now be worry-free with a bottle because you won’t have to worry about being exposed to harmful chemicals or the bottle breaking or getting damaged. It’s sturdy and safe!

The wide opening makes it easy to clean, drink, and add ice cubes to it. This means you can reach inside it easily to hand wash or safely use it in the dishwasher so you can keep re-using with ease. The wide opening prevents you from having to suck or drain your water out when you’re trying to drink from it like you might have to with other bottles.

This wide opening makes it easy for you to add ice cubes or powders for a cooler or enhanced drink unlike other bottles that usually have a narrower opening. Refilling it with more water is obviously easy to do and it won’t be a chore for you! The markings on the side will also show you how much water you are filling and drinking so you can easily keep track of your water intake. This will help you get to your daily goal for water intake.

Click for more info on Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth

Thermos Insulated Hydration Bottle – $22


This bottle is double insulated to keep your liquids cool.

  • durable insulated material for your convenience
  • easy to drink and protect with push button
  • drink 64 oz all day long
  • easy handle for you to carry around

If you are going to be traveling long distance on a backpack trail, walking around an amusement park all day, or just going to be without running water for a long time, this Thermos 64-oz bottle will be trusty sidekick. It holds enough water in one bottle to fulfill your daily water intake goal. Imagine not having to constantly refill your water bottle and just fill it once and drinking whenever you feel thirsty!

It’s very easy to drink from as it has a push button which also keeps your water safe from germs and bacteria getting in it. Only expose your water when you want to drink it and keep it sealed and protected at all other times. This keeps your water and yourself healthier! A great feature!

The durable insulated double walled material will keep your water cool for up to 24 hours and safe from any bumps or falls. You won’t have to worry about your water going warm or having to replace it. You also won’t have to worry about your bottle breaking or damaging very easily in case you drop it or bump it by accident. Accidents happen to the best of us and it’s going to happen. Stay covered with the Thermos.

The handle is big and easy to carry around so you can stay hydrated on the go. You won’t get easily tired of holding your bottle like you would with others that are difficult to carry around. This small detail will make the defining difference between being dehydrated and being fully hydrated. Make the right choice for your day trip and stay hydrated with this bottle.

Click for more info on Thermos Insulated Hydration Bottle


Kids (spill proof)

This bottle is a thermos that has a push button to drink.

  • keeps your child’s water cold for 12 hours
  • double stainless steel to withstand any accidents
  • easy for your child to use and carry 
  • holds 12oz of water

The rain is gonna come. The taxes will be due. And your child will spill drinks. You can count on that. You can’t always clean up after them (or won’t always want to) but you want them to stay hydrated of course especially when they are developing so rapidly. They absolutely need adequate hydration to grow properly. Meet the FUNtainer that comes in a cute little Pokemon design.

That’s why you should get them this FUNtainer that’s seal proof and will prevent them from spilling water or not as often. This has a push button and straw to drink from. Making drinking as simple as playing and keep them hydrated while they do just that. It will be easy for them to carry it and use it on the go. This is why this bottle has been a best-seller for quite some time.

Worried about bumps and falls because kids will be kids? This bottle has durable stainless interior and exterior so it can take a beating or drop without a problem. You won’t have to replace this bottle like you would with other models that are cheap and poorly designed. It’s sturdy and will last your child a long time.

The thermal technology will keep their water cold for up to 12 hours so they can always have cold refreshing water. You won’t’ have to fuss to refill it for them constantly and they won’t complain about warm water. Double win! It holds plenty of water for a child at 12 oz so you don’t have another reason to constantly refill it. Just simple convenience and hydration for your child… reassurance and further convenience for you.

Click for more info on Thermos Pokemon FUNtainer


Final Thoughts

After looking through multiple top retail and review sites like Target and East Mountain Sports, these bottles were the highest reviewed and best-selling for the features that mattered most. Features like water capacity, durable safe material, and ease of use for certain activities like exercising, relaxing, or children playing. Don’t waste time guessing what might work for you and just go with what has already worked for thousands of other people just like you.

If you’re still completely lost on what to get and you just want to get to hydrating quickly as possible (I don’t blame you and I definitely cheer you on for taking it seriously) then go for the Simple Modern Summit.
You can use it for almost anything and it can take a beating. Carry it with you wherever you go. Whether you’re at home, at the park, at the gym, or going on a camping trip.

If you want the best water quality on the go, get yourself the pH HYDRATE Portable Alkaline Water Filter IonizerThis will not only filter the water of harmful containments but it will also lower it’s acidity and reactivity and raising it’s PH and -ORP (cleanliness)—- while on the go. It holds the water in condensation proof glass and adds helpful minerals. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Keep it simple and stay hydrated. Your body will thank you. I thank you because you are making a great investment into your health and helping to lower the staggering statistic of 75% of people being chronically dehydrated in America.

Comment below! Tell me how much water you typically get in a day and which bottle you plan on using from this list! 🙂

Questions are welcomed too.
















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