Get off your phone! How and Why.

It’s nearing the end of 2018. We have endless access to technology and an infinite number of apps. We have dawned ourselves the “information age”. Just about everyone has a portable computer the size of their palm in their pocket or in front of their face almost 24/7. It’s a tool for communication, information, media, and endless distraction, but did you know it’s also a constant source of EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) and positive ions?

If you haven’t read my post on how positive ions are bad for you and why there is about twice the amount now as compared to what our near ancestors had way back when, you might want to check that out because…. well, you are making yourself feel physically awful by believing you need to have that phone on you at all times. More research is coming out about the harmful effects on the body including DNA damage and reproductive damage from our devices’ electromagnetic radiation especially when they are WIFI-enabled.

Here is my take on why you need to get off your phone and how to do it. You actually may be surprised at what you’ll find out even if you don’t want to hear it…I know, I know… our iPhones and Galaxies are incredibly entertaining (addicting to say the least) and they allow us many modern conveniences, but there is much going on at play than just their undeniably addicting nature which is a problem for society in of itself. Let’s dive in…

Get Plugged into the Know

First, you’ve heard of electromagnetic radiation or fields or frequencies, right? Check out this chart which its claims are back by scientific research that you can check anytime.

The different types of electromagnetic forms from different devices and their potential health risks from overexposure.

Look, let me start off with these facts: your human body holds an overall electrical charge, electrical impulses and currents trigger its natural processes, and there is a bioelectrical field that every living thing emits. Positive ions or positively charged atoms that have lost electrons AND electromagnetic frequencies/fields like radio waves interfere with your body’s electrical fields and currents. Your WIFI-enabled cell phone but also all other electronic devices are most likely your main source of interference!!!

Overexposure to EMF’s and positive ions can help give you increased risk of fatigue, mental exhaustion, compromised immune system, stress, mood swings, disease, and overall feelings of just “meh” that scientists like to call “positive ion poisoning” which I cover in my article I linked earlier in this post.

I know this is hard to take and swallow because cell phones have helped us so much in modern day society and everyone & their mother uses them constantly—it’s a way of life now that we don’t think twice about. Even so, they are still tools that we’ve created to serve certain purposes and they need to be treated as such with responsibility rather irresponsibly to the point that they turn us into anti-social unhealthy vegetables (Wow, I bet that’s the first time you heard those two words put together). It’s not just impacting our productivity and personal communication with each other, but our physical health.

Not convinced? Check this out new study out of many that came out to suggest that

excessive cell use may increase the chance of brain cancer by double


this one about how long laptop/cell phone use can damage pregnancies and sperm count!

Ok, I’m freaked out. What do I do?

Glad you asked because now I have an opportunity to say it again and again and again.




It’s gonna explode! Kidding, but odds are you are on it enough already. It’s a shame we need reasons like this to stop the addiction cycle with our phones. Your life is beautiful. You are a living thing. Get out and live it. You were just fine before you started using devices and you will be equally as fine when you spend time away from them even if your job revolves around it.

You can combat the harmful effects of positive ions by getting more negative ions

Take a walk outside to get negative ions. Go to the beach. Visit a waterfall. Take a walk in nature. Sit by the river.

Negative ions are just atoms that have gained electrons which in turn help your processes work better and give you more oxygen. They are naturally occurring by large bodies of water and plant life.

Ever feel refreshed after a nice shower or after a thunderstorm full of rain? Yeah, that’s right….those are negative ions.

Consider investing in products that emit negative ions to recreate that fresh alive feeling like:

I also highly suggest having a specific purpose whenever you use your cell phone. Reply to that important email, pay that bill, put up a post for your business FB page, make that phone call to your grandma, etc.

Having something specific in mind you want to do BEFORE you use your phone. Don’t let your phone dictate how you spend your time AND your precious health. Easier said than done but remember: it’s a tool and you are NOT a tool. lol….figuratively and literally

Reduce your idling time on it when you scroll through social media and news apps. Turn off your push notifications (I’ve been doing this for a while because it works well). Mindlessly distracting your time, which happens more often than not, is just not just wasteful of your precious time that can be spent doing so many other productive things, but it also is physically unhealthy for you in the ways I described above. Spread the word. Tell a friend. Turn off your phones together and have a conversation about it. lol

I like to put my phone in airplane mode without WIFI if I need to read something or use my meditation timer app. I like to map out long drives and save the directions then turn my phone or data off when I begin my ride. It’s little things that turn into big things. The average person spends 4 hours a day or more on their phone—I would bet big money that the majority of that time is not useful or helpful in any way.

Take even just one hour of that time to exercise, study, meditate, walk, run, eat, cook, breathe, read, write, play an instrument, do cartwheels, stare at the wall, make silly faces in the mirror, pick your nose…lol

My question for you is…

“What are YOU gonna do TODAY with that extra hour you just got?”

Since you are gonna take at least ONE of the 4 hours you would spend on your cell phone to do anything else that interests you.

Let me know in the comments. I would love to know. 🙂


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