Negative Ion Products: the Best Unusual Christmas Gifts

Surprise your loves ones with a negative ion product for an unusual Christmas gift


Below here is a short list of the best unusual Christmas gifts you can give to your loved ones to spice up the holiday spirit this year.

Razors, socks, clothes, shampoo, jewelry, toys, electronics, latest iphone, etc… it seems like every year we are getting the same gifts or we are giving the same gifts. BORING.

Truth is that over all these years we are buying and receiving gifts that we don’t actually need or use that often. I am generalizing but I believe most people would agree this is the case more often than not. We have a surplus of useless things essentially that is pretty much wasted that could have been used for something else more practical or given towards someone less fortunate or who would have used it more than you did.

So this year let’s change it up! Get something unusual for your loved ones. Something they’ll actually use and something that will actually benefit their lives everyday regardless if they don’t realize it right away. A great investment of money rather a quick splurging waste. I’m talking about giving them the gift of a negative ion product.

Why would you do that? What is a negative ion? Why would anyone want that?

First of all negative ions help drag airborne irritants like dust, dander, bacteria, to the ground and surfaces so they are not breathed in. Secondly, they are going to positively influence their overall well-being in a modern world that is ridden with positive ions, electronics, pollution, and modern convenience that enables us to spend way too much time indoors.

Basically, when we feel sluggish, sick, stressed, or short of breath, a huge factor that can be involved is a lack of negative ions which are groups of oxygen atoms with extra electrons. Read more about positive ion poisoning here.

Our bodies need oxygen and electrons to properly function since our processes work partly by electrical impulses and actions. Our cell phones and laptops can interfere with this activity and so can the indoor air quality of our homes and offices which can and will frequently be dirtier than the air that’s outside! Explain this to them and also show them this website when they are scratching their head with a tense smile and looking at the earthing mat or negative ion generator you gifted them.

Everyone is going to change things and try new things for the new year anyway right??? Give them a head start 😉

Salt Lamp Essential Oil Diffuser

Get the best of both worlds in one product. Salt lamp and essential oil diffuser.

Why on Earth would anyone know about this and want one? It’s the gift no one knew they wanted. I started off with this one because it’s very pretty to look at and the concept is quite nifty BUT in all actuality, it brings you the therapeutic effects of both pink salt lamps and essential oils.

A pink salt lamp is something most people have heard and spoken about for their warm, glowing atmosphere they provide but do they know it can emit low amounts of negative ions and absorb some harmful byproduct gasses in your household from its building materials and cleaning products?

Combine that with diffusing certain essential oils like lavender and lemongrass for added relaxation, aroma, and, of course, more negative ions, and you have a one of a kind gift that they’ll be talking about for years to come. It’s unique, it’s multi-beneficial and it’s lovely to admire. Did I mention it has an adjustable mood light too? They can think about how you got them this every night when they use it as a night light when they sleep. How precious 😛

Earthing Mat

Earthing Mats can be a great way to combat the effects of being on a laptop for too long.

Here’s probably the most peculiar gift of them all. I just recently heard of these for the first time. Essentially, this product allows you to ground or earth, absorbing the energy of the Earth and rebalancing your body’s electrical charge through your skin while being indoors.

Yes, you can tell your loved one to walk outdoors barefoot (I highly recommend doing it every morning because its good for you as backed by science) but societal conditioning from parents and most of the world might prevent them for doing otherwise. Although it’s a free infinite unlimited gift, it probably won’t be perceived that way lol

Alas, enter the Earthing Mat. It can be plugged into the grounding wire hole of a 3-hole outlet which is connected to the Earth or with an Earthing rod which can be draped outside of a window and inserted into the ground. When our bare feet are in contact with the ground or an Earthing mat, we are absorbing the negative electrical charge of the Earth. This, like the negative ions in the air, has been associated with better energy, mood, sleep, lower blood pressure, lower stress, and more.

Don’t knock it until you try it!

ionBox negative ion generator

Portable and powerful. It's the ionBox from Pacific

If you want to give your loved one the most negative ions they can get for an affordable price, get them a portable negative ion generator. This little guy can fit in the palm of your hand, be plugged into USB charging port, and still produce millions of negative ions. These ions will attach to particles in the air and drag them to the ground so you don’t have to breathe them in. The negative ions will also encourage better focus, mood, blood flow, improve immune response, and more.

Have your giftee read more info here.

Rudraksha Necklace

Rudraksha beads are sacred for their warmness and oxidizing abilities including their ability to emit some amounts of negative ions

“You gave me a stone necklace with a hassle???”, your loved one might ask in a puzzled tone. You can then quickly retort, “Yeah! They are from the tears of the eyes of Lord Shiva!” and they may or may not be as excited as you depending on their cultural background. (Results may vary)

But as soon as you tell them these beads were worn by people like Dalai Lama and Buddha, and that they can have anti-aging, electromagnetic, anti-stress, and cardiovascular healing properties, you may have their attention. This is a sacred piece of jewelry in Hinduism and Buddhism that allows the wearer to be relieved from anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, heart palpitation symptoms. They come from the Rudraksha tree which is known to absorb solar energy, oxidize the surrounding air, and release negative ions. Some scientific studies have been done that revealed some of its healing properties.

Have them read more here.

What do you think? Are these unusual? Which one would you get for a loved one? Leave a comment. I want to know. 🙂

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