Negative Ions Air Purifiers – Positive Health Benefits

The Honeywell Quiet Tower is a popular example of a negative ions air purifier.Most air purifiers use an air filter. The standard is HEPA meaning High Efficiency Particle Arrestance.

The health benefits of negative ion exposure can range from better breathing to better focus and less stress and more!



Air purifiers! We’ve all heard of them and used them…they help clean the air in our living spaces, but what does it mean to have a negative ions air purifier??? It just simply means that you have an air purifier that also produces negative ions or has a negative ionizer. Well, what are negative ions and why do you want them? They are oxygen atoms with an extra charged electron and you want them because they attach themselves to the bad stuff in the air (positive ions) that are airborne and drag them down to the ground or on surfaces. It literally cleans the air more efficiently so you can dust, vacuum, or sweep these particles up instead of dangerously inhaling them into your body all day long and feeling like crap. Neat right? Well, it’s even niftier than that.

Negative ions are negatively charged oxygen atoms that naturally occur in abundance at flowing water sources like a waterfall, the beach, after a thunderstorm, or even your own shower. Think about how good you feel after experiencing one of those? Now imagine having that all the time! When negative ions enter your body, they help lower serotonin levels in your brain, increase oxygen/blood flow throughout your body, and make your pH levels less acidic which all means….more good feelings and better health for you! Hence, why some refer to them as “the vitamin of the air”.

Better Breathing

Because negative ions drag harmful irritants down & out of the air, they obviously make it easier to breathe, but not only that, they help improve the filtering power of the cilia in the lungs! Better oxygen flow also means better blood flow so now your environment and your body are being refreshed kind of like the invigorating feeling of breathing deeply by a waterfall or after a rainstorm. Remember how great that feels? What could you get done if you had that all the time? Instead of breathing in airborne pollen, dust, mold, bacteria, dander, viruses, and other pollutants, you can breathe in cleaner purified air with more helpful electrons to bring into your lungs and the rest of your body. Nothing like that fresh air feeling in constant abundance in your own room!


When is the last time you've considered all the benefits of negative ion exposure?

Better Thinking

Well, it’s no surprise that better blood and oxygen flow help improve all your body functions including your brain activity. Numerous scientific studies have been done that support the idea that high-concentrations of negative ions in work and living spaces tend to improve cognitive performance especially for mentally challenge tasks and decision-making in what are usually low-negative ion/high-positive ion environments. Office spaces with recycled air ventilation closed moving vehicles, and windowless rooms have more positive ions and they usually contribute to an array of health risks like anxiety, depression, and compromised immune systems. Yikes! I’d take the former.

Better Sleep

Well, you probably guessed it….you will get a better quality sleep if you breathe and live in a clean air space. Negative ions have been reported in numerous other studies to affect sleeping patterns and energy levels. It’s a lot easier to sleep if you feel like you’re happier, more energized, & properly oxygenated! This is due to the effect negative ions have on serotonin (happy chemicals) and melatonin (sleepy chemicals) levels. They synchronize the body’s inner clocks (circadian rhythm) and this results in a more consistent and higher quality sleep schedule as opposed to a low-serotonin insomniac restless inconsistent sleep schedule. Negative ions mean more and better Zs!

When you have a better balance of negative and positive ions you will probably feel overall much better!

Better Mood

It’s also no shocker that because these chemicals are affected, negative ions also help regulate and improve overall mood. Turns out when the human body has better oxygen flow, therefore, purified blood, not only its brain function and performance improvements but it feels more alert and energized. If you feel more productive and well rested, you are most likely going to feel better overall. It’s no wonder that many studies also show negative ions help to battle seasonal depression and anxiety, and, inversely, positive ions support these conditions! (positive ions, in general, are NOT good for you and we breathe them in more than we think!)

Get Some Positives from the Negatives

Do you want to get some of these right now without spending much? Go take a walk outside and take in the fresh air. Go to the beach. Find a waterfall Simply take a shower. Water flow brings negative ions. You can also get a houseplant or walk through an old growth forest (moisturized plants also emit negative ions). Want them all the time? Consider investing in a negative ions air purifier…they range from $25 to $200+. You plug it in and set it on a surface or the floor that is clear of any obstructions and leave it on. Let it work its magic throughout the surrounding room. It takes minutes to feel the difference! You only change or clean the filters once every 6 months or so and some of them have notifications for when they do need replacing.

I’ve had days when I felt sluggish and worn down driving around in my car with the windows up and AC on (high concentration of recycled positive ion air) and then stepped into my room with the negative ionizer and just felt lifted within minutes. Keep in mind, not all air purifiers produce negative ions and not all negative ionizers are air purifiers. You can also find them in salt lamps and UV light lamps. Just make sure you read the description of what you are buying and look for terms like ionizer, negative ions (of course), electrons, ion, etc. Think about what a small investment will do for your health. Your work and home life will drastically change because you are stronger, more energetic, happier, more well rested, more alert, and, overall, just feeling great. You will want to step into the office and you will want to rush home to relax.

Now go get some fresh air! 🙂

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