Salt Lamp – What’s the big deal about Himalayan?

Everyone has heard about a salt lamp, particularly Himalayan salt lamps. So what’s the big deal about Himalayan salt lamps? Although they are pretty to look at in your home and make for nice conversation pieces, they have many health benefits. These benefits include air purification, electromagnetic radiation reduction, asthma, and allergy relief, and mood-boosting to sleep promotion. How does a chunk of salt with a light in it exactly do that? Keep reading…

Salt lamps can provide a warm glow and a low amount of negative ions

Air Purification

One of the main benefits of Himalayan salt is that it acts as nature’s original air filter. It attracts vapor pollution in the surrounding air such as smoke or dust and stays absorbed in its crystals thereby rendering the air cleaner. This characteristic of the salt is what is called hygroscopic. Essentially, this is what active carbon and HEPA filters do in air purifiers and air conditioning systems. Pretty neat, right?

In addition, Himalayan salt also admits a certain amount of negative ions. Negative ions are basically oxygen atoms with an extra electron. These oxygen atoms allow you to breathe better, think better, and feel better. Inversely, a lack of negative ions, (surplus of positive ions) which you’ll find in office spaces and dirty cars, are widely reported with increasing levels of stress, physical/mental exhaustion, and illness. This is because you are breathing in dirty air and not getting enough oxygen to your body and brain! Yikes!

All the clean air will also make you less susceptible to headaches, migraines, colds/infections/plus, stress, and skin irritations!

Asthma & Allergy Relief

So it is no surprise that when the air is cleaner, it will especially help those who have asthma and allergies. The salts in the lamp will absorb dander and pollen and any other airborne particles in the air plus the negative ions will help to remove the other particles that are not absorbed. It is a win-win situation for the room and those who breathe within that room. 🙂 This makes for healthier environments to live & work. A huge appealing point for the millions of people that must live with asthma and allergies every day. Take a deep breath….ahhhh…your life just got a hell of a lot easier and healthier!

Electromagnetic Radiation Reduction

Laptops and cellphones can pollute the air and our bodies giving us an increase in positive ions!

Electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, tablets, etc. give off a certain amount of electron pollution in the form of electromagnetic radiation. There have been increasingly more scientific studies that have shown that this radiation is not good for the body and obviously, in the high-tech modern world that we live in, it’s becoming progressively harder to avoid that. A great way to combat this effect is with a negative ionizer such as air purifier or, you guessed it, a salt lamp. Salt lamps give off a certain amount of negative ions naturally. These help remove the positive ions in the air such as dust or bad bacteria by attaching themselves to them and dragging them to surfaces. It is said that the closer the salt lamp is to you, like on your office desk or on your nightstand by the bedside, the better its effects can work on you while you are being exposed to electronic devices. Keep working and texting away! (Remember, to take a break every so often including stepping outside for some fresh air!)

Positive ion over exposure can make you feel lethargic.

Mood Booster & Sleep Promotion

Do you ever wonder why people say ‘step outside to get some fresh air’? Well, those negative ions that help purify the air and reduce radiation, also help your mood/energy! How are you ask? Simple. When you have more oxygen… everything is better! The increase of oxygen flow also improves your blood flow for your cell metabolism, hormone production, brain function, and all other bodily functions. When your body can do its processes easier, you just… feel better. Think of that feeling you get after a shower or rainstorm or even when you got to the beach (that “ahhh” feeling). Pleasant. You can have that all the time with a salt lamp in your room or office. This also translates to your circadian cycles for sleeping. When you’re not coughing or sneezing in the middle of the night and can breathe peacefully, you are more likely to have good deep continuous sleep! Makes total sense right? All by having a chunk of salt with a light in it near you.

Color Therapy

Although there isn’t significant science to back this up, it is believed that human’s respond positively to beautiful colors. Himalayan salt lamps are easy on the eyes and can make one feel calm. It brings an element of nature to your room or office space. This can certainly reduce stress, promote inner peace, and relaxation. There IS science to back up that when humans are exposed to nature for long periods of time, they have reportedly less stress, elevated mood, and increased positive brain activity including creativity. Himalayan salt lamps also don’t emit blue light which is known for throwing off melatonin levels for sleep. Staring at the orange-pink thing in your room may be better than staring at Facebook right before bed!

All Hail the Salt

To recap, salt lamps are much more than just pretty to look at—they literally help you live better in so many ways. Whether it’s through purifying the air, elevating your energy, protecting your body from electron radiation, or just giving you something to stare at while you’re thinking in between moments throughout your day, they provide an overall positive experience to any room. It is excellent for a bedroom to rest where you might surf the web on a blue-light device before sleep or on office space to work where you might be on a desktop computer and surrounded by other electronic equipment for long periods of time. They are small enough to fit on any desk, table, or shelf. They are also big enough to cover a wide range of space.  They greatly range depending on your budget. I think it’s a worthy investment that packs a serious powerhouse of health benefits! All hail the salt!


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