What is a Negative Ion?

Maybe you’ve heard about them. Maybe you haven’t. It’s not very common knowledge, but the concept is becoming more popular. It doesn’t matter either way. We are gonna talk about them because I’m sure you have some questions! I’m going to explain what a negative ion is, what a bunch of them do, why they are good for you, how you can get some, and why a lack of them is no good! What is a negative ion? Glad you asked. So let’s dive into it! Starting now!


Without getting too science-y and running the risk of losing you, I’m going to say it simply like this: a negative ion is an oxygen atom with an extra electron. Boom! That wasn’t too scary, right? Think about the ocean at the beach, the rainfall after a thunderstorm in the forest, think the freshness after a shower. These places are where negative ions are in full abundance. There are also products like air purifiers and salt lamps or even certain essential oils and house plants that can generate negative ions in a room. They are very small invisible particles that make you breathe better and feel better. If you have a lack of those, you will end up feeling worse. That’s it!

Nature provides negative ions naturally and are the best place to go to get them

The Science

A charged electron orbiting the nucleus of an atom inside of a negative ion (group of atoms)

OK, that was the surface answer that is easy. If you want to dig a little deeper, here’s a little of the science. Let’s break down the term “Negative Ion”. Let’s start with ion:


  1. an atom or molecule with a net electric charge due to the loss or gain of one or more electrons.

An ion is basically a naturally charged atom or molecule (the building blocks of all matter and life). It’s also important to know that ion also means ‘action’ in Greek since atoms, molecules, and ions are always in motion. When an ion gains an electron, it becomes a negative ion or cation. Where does the negative part come in? You have to understand electrons.


  1. a stable subatomic particle with a charge of negative electricity, found in all atoms and acting as the primary carrier of electricity in solids.

An electron is a sub-particle of atoms that is negatively charged or has a negative electrical charge. So, when an ion attracts and gains an extra electron it becomes negatively charged. Hence…negative ion. Simple right?

The Body (tiny bit more science)

OK, so you may be thinking “Whatever. OK, that’s nice…why should I care?” Well, because there are many health benefits to being in a negative ion-rich environment.

First, and most importantly, negative ions attach themselves to positive ions in the air such as dust, viruses, pollen, dander, fumes etc. and drag them down to the ground thereby clearing the air. This makes it easier to breathe and easier to clean/remove the extra crap from the space you’ve breathing. Instead of the bad stuff in the air being breathed into your lungs, they clump together and fall to the ground so you can sweep, vacuum, or dust them away. You’d be surprised how much junk is in the air once you have negative ions in your room!

What else do they do? Well, when your body absorbs negative ions, it’s bringing more oxygen atoms and essentially more electric charge to your body so you can have purified blood, better immune system, better cell metabolism, and a better functioning nervous system— all your body processes work by electrical impulses and chemicals. It basically helps make your body’s functions function better and make you feel overall better! It’s no surprise that some refer to it as “the vitamin of the air”. Cool right?

Here are a few of many studies to show you what scientists have observed:



Where do I get them?

Like I mentioned earlier, you can naturally get them by any place that has a fresh water source. This could be the beach, a river, the aftermath of a rainstorm, a waterfall, or in your own shower. Remember that “ahhh” feeling you get when you experience one of those? That’s your body reacting to the negative ions. Even going for a walk outside will help you get them. Can’t get outside that much?

There are things you can buy for your home or workplace that will create those invigorating environments. They are usually called negative ionizers. Air purifiers, salt lamps, certain diffused essential oils, and houseplants all create negative ions so you can have that fresh feeling more often in the spaces you occupy the most. They can range anywhere from $50 to $200+ or more. There are a plethora of products and they are worthy investments. Get ready to feel fresh!

What about positive ions?

Great question! Environments with high concentrations of positive ions are actually associated with harder breathing, compromised immune system, more sickness, lower energy, down moods, & higher levels of anxiety and depression. There are many studies that back this claim. Yikes!

Where do they naturally cluster up? Office spaces and cars. Virtually any place that doesn’t have circulated, renewed air and/or fresh air (hence the term “go outside and get some fresh air”) usually has more positive ions.

They should be avoided and combated with some things I already mentioned, but even simply opening a window can make a huge difference. Additionally, it’s also a good idea to keep the AC running and change the air filter of the house or building you’re in regularly. They are even small mobile negative ionizers for rooms and special ones that accommodate cars that can really change how you feel and live. No more crappy moods or slumps of energy!

Summed up

Negative ions are really good extra oxygen for your body. They are abundant in freshwater sources. They have a range of health benefits that make you feel better and live better all around. You can go outside, open windows, or buy negative ionizer products to get them. Places that don’t get renewed air have more positive ions and they are not good for your health because they present many risks like poor air quality, weak immune system, more stress, and lackluster energy.

If you’re ballin’ on a budget, go for an ionBox for your room and for your car get a HDE Car Air Purifier

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That’s it in a nutshell! Hope this was informative. Make sure you get them today and immediately start feeling and living better! It’s a simple small investment that can literally change your life from the inside out. Imagine what you could do if you felt good more often!

Any questions? Comments? Insights? Comment below because I would to hear from you and talk to you. 🙂

To know more about negative ion benefits check out this informative video:








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